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Do I have to share the taxi with other people?

No, we only offer private taxis and not shared taxi. we drive you straight to your destination. We do not drive through other addresses unless when you want us to pick up friends or family.

Where will I be collected at Schiphol?

At Schiphol you would generally be collected from Departure Hall 2, After arrival at the airport you turn your mobile phone on so the taxi driver can contact you. Once you collected your luggage, Follow the signs to (departure 2) on second floor. our taxi driver will meet you in front of (departures 2). It is also possible to be collected at the Meeting Point at an additional cost of Euro 5.00. This information is included with your confirmation e-mail, along with a map, photo and written explanation.

It is also possible to send this to yourself or to an associate separately, (available in both Dutch and English)

My flight is delayed or comes much earlier.

If your incoming flight is delayed or lands early, you donít need to tell us, as we already take this into account.

Child seats?

We offer families a wide range of seats suitable for children of all ages; booster seats included. This is sure to save you a lot of bother, as it will eliminate the need to carry around your own bulky and inconvenient child seat at a time where all you want to do is relax. More information about available child seats.

NOTE: Childseats cost 5 Extra Euro.

How can I pay for a Taxi?

You can pay cash to the driver. also you can Chip & PIN in our taxis. Credit card is also possible but is 5 Euro charged. Prepayment by bank transfer or by PayPal (only for businesses) is also possible.


You may cancel your booking (ONLINE) until 48 hours before departure. with no Cancelation fee. also for cancelations within 48 hours to the departure time, you pay an amount of Ä 20.00 administration fee.

Can I pay in advance?

Yes, this is possible, just let us know, we will email our bank account details so you can easily pay with your online bank.

I want to change / Edit my booking after confirmation?

Within the Confirmation E-mail that you've received, there is a link to Edit Or Change your Booking, after you submit the change(s), we will send you a Confirmation Email.

Delays on the way.

Express Taxi can never be held liable for delays that result in your missing your flight. However, you can be sure that we will do our utmost to prevent this.

More questions? please feel free to contact us 070 568 0004